Monday, November 24, 2014

Journal Entry 112414-A: Truland Homes!

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Journal Entry 040514-A: The Bay Breeze!

The Bay Breeze was the home my ex-wife and I were going to build in the summer of 2004.
It was named in honor of my parents night club that was destroyed by Hurricane Camille in August 1969.
The Bay Breeze Club was located on the South Side of Battleship Parkway across from the WUNI radio station.
I decided with my ex-wife to delay construction of our new home on County Road 24 at Sherwood Drive due to pressure on the construction industry at the time.
I was looking forward to having my "Team" at Classic Southern Homes, LLC build this home as it was going to have some features and amenities NOT included in our "Standard" package and "Custom" package of Features and Amenities!
The enclosed "Breezeway, Bonus Rooms and Garage were my favorite attributes of this plan not to mention the Porches!
It was to be our first "truly" custom home because I had discussed with my ex-wife the possibility of her getting her License and utilizing her talents for "Interior" design to create her own home-building company that I had hoped she would be able to build a "Speculative" house or two.
The Mortgage was approved but to be perfectly honest I am glad we did not proceed because just a few months later Hurricane Ivan would make land-fall at Lighthouse Beach just West of Gulf Shores, Alabama.
The Hurricane made the pressure on the Construction Industry at least in our area almost unbearable in the months following the storm. In fact Hurricane Katrina dealt the Industry in our Area to my knowledge almost a death blow. Katrina was an awful blow to the Central Gulf Coast as was Ivan in 2004 and I'm sure just about anywhere else that hurricane's affected in those two years.
I think I will stop here. I just need too.
The plan was included in our brochure but I have never and will most likely never ever build this home!
I hope you like the plan. It was mine and my ex-wife's design.
Please contact Rhinetta Homes in Mississippi or Dukes Homes in Alabama! I'm sure Chip or Hayne would build this home for you and build a damn good home for you at that my friends!
They are my friends and always will be but honestly they will build you a fine home!
God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
Floyd Clifton Wooley